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Spiritual accompaniment – when seeking the still, small voice is bewildering.

We listen together

Sit and share

A respectful conversation where we can honestly express our experiences, concerns, and challenges is sometimes all we need.  

You choose the way

Look for the signs

I do not have your answers, but I might have helpful questions, or practices to suggest.  You learn to trust your own understanding.

Courage to carry on

Walk confidently

Even a narrow path can be smooth.

Does the phrase, “spiritual but not religious” speak to you? What if spirituality is about the relationship you have with the God of your understanding at this point in time? If you only look at the behaviour of some religious people, then you might understand God to be a jerk. The spiritual response would be to avoid God, then, wouldn’t it? Of course!

For seekers, though, there is still the deep human thirst for meaning, peace, mystery, truth. We look for a new understanding of God, so we can have a new relationship. A spiritual companion like me travels along the spiritual path with you, so you don’t have to grow alone. To be clear, though, most spiritual practices draw upon the wisdom of enlightened people from religious traditions, and sometimes we are surprised to find the spiritual path draws us back to religion (I was). That’s mystery for you.

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being


About Me

A retired psychologist, I now act as a spiritual companion for people with a spiritual hunger or curiosity.  I live in London but can Zoom anywhere.  

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I offer drop-in group meditation practice over Zoom, and individual meetings by appointment (zoom or in-person)