My spirituality

… is a work-in-progress. I practice staying present in the moment and find that life is better when I do.

I believe the Divine Mystery defies description, yet anyone who earnestly seeks will begin to know it.

Exploration can be intimidating. It might help to clear up some frequently asked questions.

What is a spiritual companion?

A ‘tour guide for the metaphysical explorer’, a spiritual companion is a person with a talent for, and training in, holy listening and empathy. Seekers take a spiritual companion to listen with them as they explore the Divine in their lives and learn to be present with the Divine Mystery. As a spiritual companion, I might clear up misunderstandings, or give feedback, but I do not decide for you – I help you listen.

How is spiritual companionship different from psychotherapy?

Both are about relationships – with ourselves, others, and with reality, so it can be a blurred line.  Spiritual companionship offers presence and a desire to listen to the Divine Mystery.   Psychotherapy also offers presence – in the service of restoring mental health by treating illness. “Psychology seeks to help a person solve the problems of living; spiritual direction deepens the Question of human life itself.” (Jacob Needleman)

Who seeks Spiritual Companionship?

Spiritual companionship can be part of a life-long process of growing along spiritual lines through prayer and contemplation. Seekers often enter when they ….. have outgrown psychotherapy, but value deep exploration ….. have spiritual yearnings but no religious community ….. have religious affiliations, but need a private place evolve their understanding of the Divine Mystery ….. have had a spiritual experience …. need a touchstone to keep them on their chosen path ….. need an accountability partner to help them keep their commitment to a regular spiritual practice.

How does one begin?

When you send a request, I will email you a zoom invitation for an individual meeting.  When we meet, we chat to see where you are in your search right now, and whether what I offer might suit you.  If we both want to continue, we would typically meet monthly for at least 6 months.

Note: For people near London, Ontario, I would be delighted to meet you in person if you prefer.

What does it cost?

There is no charge for the introductory meeting.  If you find our meeting helpful, and wish to continue, you would pay on a sliding scale between $20 and $120. At the low end, If you are still striving to have your basic needs met, you might make a service offering in your own community. If you are someone who has your basic needs met and more, you would pay a larger amount

Are our conversations private?

I hold what we say in confidence. You may wish to know that there is no legal protection for the privacy of our conversations as I am not a lawyer or a registered health care professional.   

As a matter of course, I do not acknowledge who is consulting me or who has consulted me without permission from them.  I do not discuss the content of our conversations with anyone else unless I need to seek guidance from my own spiritual director, or if I believe you or someone else is in physical danger.  

How often do we meet?

Arrangements vary, but most people come monthly.

Do you do 5th steps with people?

Yes. If that is what you are looking for, please let me know in your e-mail. There is no charge for a 5th step.

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