What we reflected on in the weeks ending July 21st

#love Give a piece of your HEART, not a piece of your mind. LOVE is the picking up of something that has dropped, and the giving of space for someone to discover for themselves what it means to be human, and the forgiving of mistakes when we realize that they are.  Mark Nepo. #beingwith ALLContinue reading “What we reflected on in the weeks ending July 21st”

What we reflected on June 1 – 10, 2022

Our reflections recently have touched on the wisdom of simply BEING WITH – ourselves, our struggles and one another.   Enjoy. TRAGEDIES happen; people get hurt or die; and you suffer and get old. Nothing you can do to stop time’s unfolding. You don’t ever let go of the thread. William Stafford – The Way ItContinue reading “What we reflected on June 1 – 10, 2022”